Perigi Hang Tuah – Hang Tuah was the legend of ultimate Melaka warrior about 14th to 15th century

The story of the ultimate



Hang Tuah

, is the stuff of legends. Faithfully serving Sultan Mansur back in the 15th century, this infamous historical figure had an exemplary record of achievements, which include successfully warding off advances from Siam and Acheh, and a winning duel with

Taming Sari

, a warrior from the court of Majapahit.

Born in Pulau Bentam, Sumatra,

Hang Tuah

 was brought up in Kampong Duyong just 5 kilometers away along with his four good friends, Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu, who were also warriors in the Sultan’s court. Being the Sultan’s favourite,

Hang Tuah

’s loyalty and determination to the Sultan is unquestionable.


Perigi Hang Tuah

is located in the town of his birthplace, Kampung Duyung. According to folklore, the great man himself had dug the well for his own personal use. After he had passed away, it is said that the well has become the dwelling of his spirit, which took on the form of a white crocodile. 

Perigi Hang Tuah

is also believed that the albino crocodile cannot be seen by just anyone; only the holy and the pure-hearted ever get the opportunity to catch a glimpse of it.

Another mystical aspect to the  

Perigi Hang Tuah

 is that its water remains clear even after all these years, which is said to never dry up, even during long periods of drought. The locals believe that the well’s water contains special healing properties, able to cure all sorts of ailments. It was also said that the well used to be much smaller in size originally, and that it had grown over time.

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